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Lok Nayak Salhesh

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Welcome to Lok Nayak Salhesh, Janakpurdham

The Lok Nayak Salhesh Temple is situated in Siraha and 4 km west from Lahan in the highway. The Salhesh, worshiped as the patriarch (kuldevta) by the Dusadh community, who is a folk god honored by all castes and communities. The religious, archaeological and historical sites around this Janakpurdham area can be explored and attracted for tourism. This is also caste based temple. The gardens are historical places for tourism.

On the right side of King Salahesh stands his brother Motiram on horseback, Budheshwar and bodyguard Kabela Kirant on the left. There is a harem tree near Gahabar. Every year, on the 1st of May, the flowers bloom in the middle parts of the tree branches. There it seems to be a delightful view, huge crowd gathers to celebrate this festival.

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