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We, at Saarang, believe in creating a  Travel Tech ecosystem in Nepal:

Meet the team
People behind the scene
Sushant Gaire
Diwakar Rizal
Researcher and Content Writer
Sachin Dangi
Chief Executive Officer

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Our Vision
Embracing the Power of Storytelling

We want to create an experience, where travelers visiting heritage, scan our boards to know stories of the place. Where they become part of multiple experiences hosted by locals. Make some life-long memories, all while protecting heritages and aiding local heritage-based economic zones.

Our Mission
Celebrating our identity

Heritage gives us our identity. We stand at a time where if our generation does not take an interest in these heritages and protects it, the future generation will never hear about them again. Saarang writes about these heritages and spreads them to the world. All while creating microeconomics zones around the heritages through our Experience selling platform.

Our Journey
Tracing our journey

From the Mountains of Mustang (3380 meters above sea level), to the plains of Janakpurdham (80 meters above sea level). We have worked with more than 150 heritages and communities around the country. With every new day, we make bigger strides to connect more and more heritages, and its local communities to domestic and international travelers.