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Ganga Sagar

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Welcome to Ganga Sagar, Janakpurdham

The Ganga Sagar lake is located south of Shivachowk and east from Dhanusha Sagar. In the late 17th century, Saint Sur Kishor Das came to Janakpurdham and he said about Ganga Sagar being present. From this, it can be said that this pond is one of the oldest. As per Vishnu puran, the lake and Rajarshi Janak’s story are connected.

The story says that bathing in the Jestha Shukla Dashami on this lake brings special result. It is mentioned in “Mithila Mahatmaya” and or other religious festivals, when visiting Janakpurdham. Now in the west gate of this lake from 2071, Ganga dasahara, each evening Ganga aarti is ongoing and increasing day by day the number of this kind of religious tourists.

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