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Phewa Lake

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Welcome to Phewa Lake, Pokhara

Phewa lake also known as Baidam Taal is the second largest lake of Nepal. It is the focus point for tourists in Pokhara. The lake is surrounded by a dense forest area and small parks. The lake gives a beautiful view of the Peace Pagoda Stupa at the top of Raniban forest. There is a hiking trail that starts at the other end of the Phewa lake.

          Phewa lake is fed from the west by the Harpan River and is part of a Ramsar site encompassing the city of Pokhara. A dam of 11 doors was constructed for irrigation and hydropower purpose which helped to protect the water level of the lake. However, the doors of the dam broke down and today, there are only 4 doors present.

           A huge forest that is home to a variety of birds surrounds it. Many visitors find calm in the chirping sounds of the birds that are abundant in the lush forest when they visit the lake and go boating.

          In the center of the lake is a small island of Tal Barahi Temple. The only means to reach the lake are boats. The crowd around the lake is huge during festivals like Dashain as devotees come to worship Goddess Barahi.

At Phewa Lake, a variety of boat types are available, including twin boats connected by planks with pedals in the middle, rowboats, wooden sailboats, contemporary fiberglass sailboats and water sports like Kayaking.

One of the major attractions of Phewa lake is the reflection of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre. You can also notice breathtaking sunsets from the banks of the lake. There are many restaurants and cafes established in Lakeside with a view of Phewa Lake. There is no other place in Nepal where you can experience the nightlife like Lakeside.

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