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Dhanush Sagar

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Welcome to Dhanush Sagar, Janakpurdham

Dhanush Sagar is located south of Janakchowk, west of Ganga Sagar, and east of the Ram temple. This pond/sagar is very religious and connected to the events of Ramayana. During the marriage of Ram Sita, the Shiva bow was broken by Ram in three pieces, one piece of it went into a Heaven, the second piece went to Dhanushadham and 3rd piece went to Patal lok (Down to earth). Since one piece of bow went through this place, It is named as Dhanush sagar.

According to religious believes this piece is sometimes visible on the lake/sagar. Since it is directly linked to the incident of Ramayana, it has become very important for devotees. Devotees who come to Janak purdham for various religious festivals essentially take a bath or put water on the head.

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