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Bandipur Bazar

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Welcome to Bandipur, Tanahun

Located in Tanahun district of Nepal, Bandipur is a living museum of various tribes and cultures. This charming hill town is full of history, tradition and charming Newari architecture. As you explore, you will discover beautifully preserved 18th-century charming Newari houses, cobbled paths, and traditional Newari monasteries and temples.since it is 8 km away from Dumre, it is clean and noise-free, and you can see green hills and beautiful snow ranges all around.

Magars used to live in Bandipur and the Magars have kept the name of this place. In Magar language “Ban ” means forest, “Di” means water and “Pur” means place. It is believed that the Magars named it Bandipur because it is surrounded by forested areas with abundant water sources. Sen kings also ruled Bandipur for a few years. Khadga devi Temple and the ruins of the Manimukunda Sen palace are all associated with the Sen kingdom.

However, the Newari community has been living in this place for 240 years. After 1772, when Prithvi Narayan Shah of the Shah dynasty annexed Bhaktapur, the merchants of Bhaktapur fled to Bandipur. According to the old local documents, first Piya, Pradhan, Shrestha, Joshi came and settled here and then other Newars came.

There is a very interesting story of how the Newars displaced the Magar community. The Newars who are skilled in business tricked the Magars and cleverly told them that it is difficult for the Magars to live on the hill, if they live on the hill, there will be a landslide, so they should not stay, leave this place.  After saying this and showing fear, the Magars agreed to leave the place and migrated elsewhere. Then the Newars made Bandipur their home. The influence of the Newars can still be seen in the city’s architecture, food and culture.

There was a small hill where Bandipur Bazar is now. The early Newari settlers excavated the hill and created a flat land, thus forming the Bandipur market at this site. In the 18th and 19th centuries, This market was an important trading center on the route between India and Tibet, with traders going to Kolkata and trading with Kathmandu and Tibet. Before 2025 BS,  Bandipur was the headquarters of Tanahun.

In the year 2025, the headquarters of Tanahun was moved to Damauli and after it was moved and after the major highway that was being connected to the west – Prithvi Highway was not touched. Suddenly Trade declined and many merchants moved to other cities. This City became a Ghost City  and the Newars of this city moved to other cities along with their families.

However, the residents of Bandipur did not give up and saw an opportunity to preserve the city’s heritage and attract tourists. They renovated old houses into cafes and hotels, restored temples and shrines, and started cultural festivals. In the Nepal tourism year 1998 Bandipur started a tourism movement, the old houses were converted into hotels, cafes and lodges. And In 2003, It opened its doors to the world, and fast forward to present day, tourists from all over the world choose this place as a popular destination.

A unique feature of this place is its distinct European feel. Old 18th-century buildings have been reborn as cafes and hotels, and the streets are lined with traditional red-brick houses and wide alleys, giving the feeling of time-traveling back in time.

Walking through the streets of Bandipur, you will notice that the place has preserved its traditional houses, temples, shrines, sacred caves and many festivals. The food, hospitality, culture and cleanliness are unmatched, which gives you a unique experience and makes you want to come back again and again.

Major places to visit in Bandipur are:

  • Khadga Devi Temple
  • Thani Mai Temple
  • Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Siddha cave
  • Mani Mukundasen Walking Tour (Mini Great Wall)
  • Teendhara, 
  • Tudikhel
  • Mani Mukund Sen Darbar
  • Padam Library
  • Raniban Jungle
  • Ramkot
  • Dharampani
  • Majhthar Kot
  • Sunoulo raha
  • Ausobote Shiva Temple
  • Patal dwar
  • Silk Farming 
  • Central Goat Farm and Research Centre
  • Dhunge Bihar and Sakhyamuni Monastery
  • Martyr’s Memorial
  • Korikha village

Bandipur is a place where the past meets the present, where ancient traditions are preserved, and where modernity has found a way to blend seamlessly into the landscape. While visiting here, take your time to explore its culture, and its people. We hope you will enjoy your visit to Bandipur, a vibrant museum of Newari culture.

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Mani Kumar Pradhan, Local Historian

Govardha Bhattrai, Teacher Bandipur Campus


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