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The Asoka Pillar

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The Asoka Pillar was erected here in Lumbini by the Emperor Asoka in 249 BC to mark the birthplace of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha and to commemorate the Emperor’s visit to Lumbini. The Asoka Pillar bears the first epigraphic evidence with reference to the birthplace of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha. The Asoka inscription engraved in Brahmi script and Pali language attests Lumbini to be the birthplace of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha.

The Pillar is made of sandstone and other sedimentary rock. The pillar when first erected was about 40 feet long.

Asoka Pillar originally had three parts

(i) The monolithic pillar

(ii) A Lotus bracket

(iii) A Crowning figure, which was possibly a horse.

The present monolithic pillar is 30 feet and 10.5 inches (9.41m) long.

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