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Thamel Gate

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Thamel has become the designated destination for tourists and the home to the backpackers. It is well-known for the beautiful alleys, souvenir stores, hotels, restaurants and the amazing nightlife. The energy and vibe that Thamel shows cannot be matched with any place of Nepal. This place, today is the hub for party goers but apparently Thamel started off as a medieval site of Buddhist learning. The place has successfully aged with the time, be it the buildings, culture or the streets. 

Apart from clubs and pubs, Thamel is known for its never ending streets and look-alike alleys which makes it difficult for travelers to navigate the place. 

Well, the journey begins from Thamel gate. As you pass the Keshar library in Kanti path and Garden of Dreams, you will find a huge gate of bricks marking your entry to Thamel.

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