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Shri Kapileshwornath Mahadev Temple

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According to religious texts, Janak Dynasty King Shirdwaj had established temples of Charnath (Four Naths) in all four directions of Janakpurdham. This temple is located in Jankpurdham sub-metropolitan city, ward no. 16. This temple has great religious and archeological importance as other Shivalingas of Mithila Janakpurdham. In the Garva Griha(home), Lord Shiva’s Shivling, Basaha, Ganesh, Parvati, Shaligram etc. are included. The statues in the sanctuary of the temple are made of black stones. In this temple, month of Shravan, on Shivratri, a large crowd of devotees are involved in the procession. From a tourist point of view, this place needs to be publicized more.

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