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Shree Ratna Sagar Temple


Shree Ratna Sagar temple is situated in south of Ratnasagar lake. This temple is famous by the name of the lake. There is Shri Ram Janaki statues along with four statues of Radhakrishna and Hanuman in this temple. This temple was founded by Shri Raghunath Das Ji. He was a saint from the banks of the Ganga. This temple is built in a domed style. Religious festivals such as Vivah Panchami, Rama Navami, Janaki Navami, Jhula, Phagupurnima, Annakutta, Kojagrat Purnima, are celebrated in this temple. The temple is located west from Ramananda Chowk and North West to the Eye hospital.

Nepali style temple. The temple was build in Nepali Shikhar style where small Aakhi Jhyal (windows) were placed. This place is also called Rani Pati since it was founded by Queen (Rani) Ram Kumari Devi. Vivaha Panchami, Ram Navami, Janaki Navami, hula etc. are celebrated here. It is on the north side of Bihar Kunda road.

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