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Ram Temple

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Welcome to Ram Temple, Janakpurdham

Ram Temple is the second major temple of Janakpurdham, founded by Sanyasi Chaturbhuj Giri and built in the Pagoda style by General Amar Singh Thapa during Shri Ran Bahadur Shah’s regime in 2039. Within this temple the sanctorum of Ram Panchayat, Laxminarayan and Dashavatar are magnificent. On the north side of the Ram temple is mother Raj Devi temple which is worshiped as goddess of Raja Janak.

The idols in the sanctum of this temple were obtained by the Mahatma Chaturbhuj Giri from the “BAR KO GACHI” behind the temple. Hanuman Mandir is in front of Ram Mandir, 18 Shivalingas are placed at north side of this temple. It is also called NAVAGRAHA. 

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