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Lumbini Development Trust

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Lumbini Development Trust is a special body of Government of Nepal under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to administer Buddhist sites of Greater Lumbini Area. The Trust was formed with enactment of Lumbini Development Trust Act 2042. Major responsibilities of the Trust are to explore, excavate, conserve and develop the Buddhist sites are that directly or indirectly associated with the life of Sakyamuni Buddha and earlier Buddhas. Currently, historic Buddhist sites Lumbini, Kudan, Gotihawa, Tilaurakot, Niglihawa, Araurakot, Sagarhawa, Devadaha and Ramagrama are under the jurisdiction of the LDT. The LDT is working to complete Lumbini Master Plan in a top priority, and simultaneously undertaking archaeological and conservation works in other historic sites.

The birthplace of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha in Lumbini, one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is the abode of peace and an ultimate pilgrimage to the Buddhist devotees and peace lovers from around the world. Lord Sakyamuni Buddha was born here in 623 BC and preached the universal message of peace and compassion; therefore, it is regarded one of the most sacred places for people who believe in Buddhism. Buddhist pilgrims, peace lovers and general visitors from around the world visit Lumbini to pay homage to Lord Sakyamuni Buddha and observe the sanctity and shrines that are hallowed by the birth of the Buddha.

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