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Kedareshwor Mahadev Temple

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Welcome to Kedareshwor Mahadev, Pokhara

Pokhara is a city with diverse natural and religious significance. Among the various pilgrimage and religious sites, Kedareshwor Mahadev temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is established in the northern part of Fewa Lake in the Baidam area. It was established between 1950 B.S. and 1960 B.S. by Swami Shankaranandaji, the most special disciple of Swargadwari Mahaprabhu.

It is believed that around 125 years ago Swami Shankaranandaji had established a representation of Kedarnath Mahadev in this location. This used to be a route to Kedarnath Mahadev in India which was very difficult and dangerous. So, he built a representation here for the devotees who were not able to reach Kedarnath temple. This is how Kedareshwor temple was established. The temple got its name from Kedarnath temple of India. 

         This temple is a pagoda-style temple and has taken a magnificent form with the support of many organizations. The temple is built in a Panchayatana layout which means that the main temple of Kedareshwor is surrounded by four shrines of Ganesh, Durga, Vishnu and Surya.

 Various festivals throughout the year are celebrated with different rituals and fest in the temple premise. Bolbum Mela in Shravan Maas and promotion of Sanatan culture takes place in this area of Kedareshwor temple. Moreover, the ashram has been working in the field of education by establishing a free residential Gurukul from 2073- 74 B.S. to prepare hard-working, honest, and patriotic citizens. Here, cultural as well as modern courses are taught from grades 6 to 10.

To show gratitude and respect to Gau Mata, Gaushala has been established. Moreover, Akshay Kosh has been established for various future programs like Shri Kedareshwor Vedic Gurukul operation, management of the temple, and worship run by Sri Kedareshwor Mahadev Mani Sevashram Samiti.

Festivals and Celebrations performed in Kedareshwor Mahadev:

  • Akshayatritiya festival
  • Worship of the Sun on Ravi Saptami festival
  • Vyasa Poojan fest on Guru Purnima
  • Shravanisnan, Janamantrane, rituals of Rakshabandhan on Rishitarpani, Rakshabandhan and Janai Purnima
  • Shrikrishna Prakatya Mahotsav during Shri Krishna Asthami
  • Rishipanchami Mohotsav and Saptarishi Puja on the occasion of Haritalika
  • On Ashwin Shukla Paksha, Ghatasthapani is performed
  • Durga Puja is performed up to Asthami
  • On Nawami, Kanya Puja and Purnahuti havan

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