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Janak Mandir

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Welcome to Janak Mandir, Janakpurdham

The Janak Mandir is located on the north-west corner of Dhanush Sagar. This temple is one of Janakpurdham’s ancient temples. The Janak, Sunaina, Sita, Lakshminidhi and other deities are worshipped by visitors.

Although the Janak Mandir is extremely small and it was built by General Amar Singh Thapa in BS. 1839 after the earthquake of BS. 1990. It was re-built in 1994. According to one belief, this statue is not broken, but the statue stone shape looks like this. It has been worshiped by ancestors. It is believed that the statue of Sita was found in Gangasagar during renovation of pond in 2002. According to religious belief, this is the place where Shiva Dhanush (bow) was kept. Hindu tourists gather here daily.

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