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International Mountain Museum

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Welcome to International Mountain Museum, Pokhara

The International Mountain Museum (IMM) is the only mountain museum of Nepal. It was established in 2004 AD with the specific purpose of recording, documenting and chronicling the various developments and changes that have taken place primarily in three areas- the people of mountains of the world, the historic and scientific information about the origin of the global mountain system and the activities which have established world records in the field of mountaineering and related activities. These three areas are accordingly covered in 3 sections of the museum. The museum highlights mountain people, scientific and historical information of the mountain and the records completed in the mountains.

The entire area of IMM is of 100 ropani whereas, the unique monument of the mountain museum covers 6 ropanies. The land stone foundation for the monument of IMM was performed in 2052 B.S. The construction was completed in 2060 B.S. on Magh 22 (2004 A.D. Feb 5). The International mountain museum in Nepal was built with the help of the Nepal Mountaineering Association. The museum is what it is today thanks to the support of numerous national and international organizations, groups, and individuals. Famous Everest summiteers Ms. Junko Tabei of Japan and Appa Sherpa of Nepal had inaugurated the museum.

In tune with the set objectives, the museum exhibits include mountains, their people and culture, world mountain system, their geological information, mountain flora and fauna and those related to mountain exhibits such as mountaineering, skiing, etc. The museum also displays mountaineering history, development of mountaineering techniques and equipment, ecological waste from the mountains, effects of climate change in mountaineering region, past pictures of mountaineering region of Nepal and a representation of a gumba (prayer space for Buddhists).

The museum also has to develop the International Mountain Studies Centre (IMSC) by enhancing its archives. It has a library space that holds numerous books related to mountaineering.

Facilities available outside the International Mountain Museum Building

  • Mt. Manaslu model
  • Artificial climbing wall
  • A model of traditional house of mountain region
  • Souvnier shop
  • A large garden area with resting space

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