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Gyan Kup Kutti

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Welcome to Gyan Kup Kutti, Janakpurdham

The Gyan Kup Kutti / Cottage is situated on the southwest of the Agni Kunda and on the north side of the compound of the Gyankup school is Gyankup kuti/cottage. The marble statue of Ram Janaki, Laxman and Hanuman are worshiped.

There is a school named Gyankup where Jyotishi, Karmakanda, literature, Darshan, culture are taught. Among the other Kup, Satananda Kup, Bidhya Kup, Janakpurdham Kup are present. Sita use to drink water from this Kup when in school. For this reason this place is known as a pilgrimage. The site is also a center for knowledge acquisition.

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