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Ganinath Govinda Temple

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Welcome to Ganinath Govinda, Janakpurdham

On the banks of the Dudhmati river, one kilometer towards Jaleshwor road, Ganinath Govinda temple is situated. If Krishna Astami Falls on Saturday or on Bhadra Krishna Asthami first Saturday, Gani Nath Jayanti is celebrated here with great importance. Thousands of people visit here during this festival.

The Ganinath Govinda Temple was established in Bikram Sambat 2030 in Gaanga Dashara by an effort of hundred year old Santa Ram Lochan Sah Kanu. There is also Dudheshwor Nath temple where thousands of people every year on Monday, during month of Shrawn carry Dudhmata holy water and head towards Jaleshwor Nath to worship.

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