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Dulha Dulhan Temple

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Welcome to Dulha Dhulhan, Janakpurdham

The Dulha Dulhan Temple is also known as Shri Ram Nanda ashram. The idols of Ram and Sita as married couple can be found here, as the bride and groom. It is a magnificent cottage, and the foundations of the cottage were built in BS.1997. The temple was banned for people in Ramanand Chowk of Sita, Ram, Hanuman in Shukla Dwadashi, February 1998, during renovation. Later, construction of this temple was completed in the year BS.2006, the credit goes to Shri Avadh Kumar Das.

A little further west south of Ramananda Chowk this mandir stands facing north. Religious festivals are celebrated here. The Bhavri Mandap built in BS. 2039 Marg in the northern part of this Ramanand Ashram, is particularly spectacular.

Click Here to see the Video of Dulha Dulhan Temple.

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