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Devis Fall

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Welcome to Devis Fall, Pokhara

Devis falls is a waterfall with a depth of 100 feet and a width of approx. 20 m. This underground waterfall runs through the Gupteshwor Cave located close to the fall’s entrance. It lies 2 km southwest of Lakeside on the Siddhartha highway. The formation of this Fall is connected to Fewa lake and it falls through a cavernous gorge.

The original or official name of Devi’s Fall is Patale Chhango; Patale means hell and Chhango means waterfall. Well, this is because the waterfall disappears into a hole as if it is falling towards Patal Lok (Hell). The water from the Fall reappears a kilometer away in the souther side and merges with a rivulet called Phusre Khola.

On July 31st,1961, a Swiss couple were bathing under the waterfall. At the same time, the dam of Fewa Lake opened. The couple had no idea about it and Mrs. Davis got pulled by the current and fell down into the hole. Three days later her dead body was found in the river of Phusre.

After her death, her father is said to have visited the waterfall where her daughter died. After visiting the fall, he was impressed by the waterfall and thought it should be a location for people to visit and enjoy. He provided some funds for the land around the waterfall and wanted it to be a tourist attraction. This is how the waterfall is believed to have got its name; Devi’s Fall.

However, due to a typographical mistake, it’s popularly known as Devi’s Falls or Davis Falls. There is evidence that suggests that the woman who died had the surname Davis and thus, the waterfall was named after her. The gateway does lead the way to the fall saying “Devis Fall”. ‘Devis’ is the popular pronunciation because in Nepali language, the word “Devi” means goddess and also resonates with the name of Buddha’s mother, Maya Devi.

Devis Fall is surrounded by large bars for safety purposes. The premise also includes Pati Pauwa of Newar architecture, a park,  a famous wishing well, and a photo booth with Nepalese traditional wear.

Chhorepatan Higher Secondary School is an integral part of the Fall. The earnings generated from the tickets are used to educate around 1600 students in the secondary level and around 800 students at the higher secondary level. The collaboration between Devis Fall and Chhorepatan Higher Secondary school began in 2032 B.S.(1975 A.D.) with the ticket price of 1 Mohar (25 Nepali Paisa).

Ticket price for Devis Fall is:

Indian Citizen = Rs. 80

Nepalese Citizen = Rs. 40

European = Rs. 100

Students = Rs. 40

            The School issues these tickets and each ticket directly falls under the funds for the education provided by the School. The infrastructure for the growth and development of the School as well as the Fall’s premise also has a separate allocation of budget. Devis Fall premise has a great social significance because of the Chhorepatan Higher Secondary School.

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