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Welcome to Dabali Chowk of Thamel,

Dabai Chowk: The name Dabali translates to ‘Open Stage’. It is also often referred as Open Theatre. Dabali is an elevated stage to a certain height to let the all the people see the act publicly. The main purpose of Dabali was for the people to showcase dramas and acting performances on an open stage. Based on the need to demonstrate cultural shows, acting, and other forms of skills, most of the dabali were constructed.

However, the requirement of the people has changed. The purpose of dabali has also transitioned in its own way. Now, some people mostly use it to dry paddy and wheat. In some special occasions such as Indrajatra, people use it to showcase cinema and performances depicting social themes. These performances may also be based on the themes of satire and comedy. These plays are also known as Dabu Pakhyan. It directly translates to the place showing open cinema. So, the chowk with such a long history of these performances was named Dabali Chowk.

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