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Chhinna Masta Bhagwati

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Welcome to Chhinna Masta Bhagwati, Janakpurdham

Chhinna Masta Bhagwati is near the Indian border, 10 km south of Rajbiraj, the headquarters of Saptari districts. The people sacrifice goat, sheep, pigeons and duck at this temple after fulfilling of individuals wish. It is said that about a 125 years ago the Bhagwati temple of Sakhada was in shape of cave.

In Bikram Sambat 2028, the then Indian Railway Minister, Lalit Narayan Mishra had built the temple with three room for Dharmasala. Similarly, in Bikram Sambat 2044, King Birendra Birbikram Shahadev provided assistance of Rs 5 lakh to built a pagoda-style grand temple of Chhinnamastika Bhagawati. According to history, the fifth generation of Nanya Dev dynasty, King Sakrasen came to Saptari to live in exile.

At that time, the area was covered with forest and fauna. During the deforestation, he found Bhagwati statue and worshiped as Kuldevi, which was named after him and called Sarkaswori. Since the head of the goddess is beheaded and it is called as Chhinna Masta Bhagwati. The devotee’s worship Sakhadeshwari Bhagwati as Shakti Peetha and it is believed that every individual wishes will be fulfilled.

Therefore, there is an annual gathering of visitors and devotees from different states of India and different regions of Nepal. From a tourist point of view, this place is considered very important.

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