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Bihar Kund

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Welcome to Bihar Kund, Janakpurdham

There are Kuti, monasteries, and temples all around Bihar Kund. It is believed that Sita with her friends used to bathe in this pond. Special religious festivals are held here like Vivaha Panchami and Ramnavami. In the month of Bhadra, it is the practice of bathing in the pond. Many ancient statues were found during the renovation of this pond. This kunda is in the Northwest corner of Ramananda Chowk. Religious tourists and hermit saints celebrate special religious festivals like Anna kutt at this kunda. Some Shiva temples in the area have historical importance, even some of the myths, along with some new build refined Shiva temples among which Kupeshwarnath Mahadev Temple, Kuwa, etc are very historical.

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