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Welcome to Bhagwati Temple,

Bhagwati Temple is also referred to as Sankateshwor Bhagawati. It is located in the mulbazar of Thamel. The surrounding area near the temple is also referred to as Bhagwati Bahal. It lies in the middle region of the Thamel on the Thamel Marga. There is also a small stupa or Chi Baadya near the temple. Also, you can find different small statues of Bhimsen, Ganesh and Narayan in the temple.

There is no exact recorded story for the origin of Bhagwati Temple. But the goddess Bhagwati is worshipped in the form of goddess Durga. During the Dashain festival there is a tradition of offering sacrifice to goddess Bhagwati. There is also tradition of doing puja during the Kayo Ashtami. Kayo Ashtami falls on Ashtami of Shukla Pakshya during the Phalgun month.

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