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Barah Bigha

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Welcome to Barah Bigha, Janakpurdham

Rangabhumi in the local language is also called Barah Bigha. This is holy place where Sita got married. It is big in area and these days it has boundary wall all around. It is west of Janaki Mandir, north of Tulsi Sma rak and east of Sankat Mochan. According to the Ramayan, king Janak had big, strong and heavy bow (Shiva Dhanush) which normal person couldn’t move, only Shiva blessed devotee could lift.

One day Sita easily lifted the bow while cleaning the room where bow was kept. When King Janak heard that Sita lifted the bow easily he realized Sita being Devine and special. King Janak vowed to marry his daughter to person who could lift the bow and string. Many king and prince tried but couldn’t move at all. Lord Ram with bless ing of his guru Vishwamitra easily lifted the bow and broke it in to three pieces try ing to string. According to king Janak, Sita and Ram got married in this place and thus this place has great history. On the day of Vivaha Panchami, thousands of pilgrims even today, visit this place.

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