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QR Story Board installed at Bhringareshwor Temple, Sunaguthi – Lalitpur Metropolitan City Ward no.27

17 Sep, 2023

Date: 2023/09/17
Location: Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Ward no. 27

Event Overview:

QR Heritage Storytelling Board Inauguration Ceremony was successfully completed in Bhringareshwor temple within Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Ward no. 27 near the Ward office. For the event, three different organizations along with the pilgrims were present. Before the event even started, the atmosphere in the temple was very pleasing due to the hymns and melodious sounds of Shiva Bhajans. Old people, young people, and even animals were engaged in their own priorities. Old people were fully enjoying the bhajans while sipping tea and crackers (pappad). Young people were running around, laughing, scaring pigeons, and some were riding the lions outside the main temple.

The animals; dogs were probably scared of children being the sole witness to children scaring the souls out of pigeons and avoiding being near them. They were more focused on catching up with each other and enjoying the golden hour. This event officially started in the presence of Bhringareshwor temple’s stakeholders, Ward Representatives, and Saarang team, with an introduction speech from Saarang’s Research and Content Designer Head, Diwakar Rizal. This speech was about Saarang, its work, and the journey throughout this period of one month along with conveying gratitude towards everyone who helped us in the project. After the speech, Ward Chairman, Mr. Krishna Hari Maharjan revealed the curtain covering the Saarang’s QR Heritage Storytelling Board. Everyone was waiting for this moment, and after the board was unveiled, everyone was waving their camera to get the perfect shot of the QR.

In this process, Saarang was engaging with every visitor in the temple premises in order to showcase the storytelling process. After it was completed, the Ward Chairman and Chairman of the Temple Management Committee presented their congratulations and thanks to each and every person present there. Near the end note, the temple’s management committee expressed its gratitude towards the Saarang team and Ward committee in their roles for bringing out the real story of this heritage believed to be 5000 years old.

After the Bhringareshwor Temple’s QR Storytelling Board Inauguration, the next inauguration was held shortly after in the Balkumari temple, located near the farther end of the Ward Office. This inauguration also followed the same directions as the first one with the exception of its unique story and location. Surrounded by a small forest with dense trees and separated from the main roadways, it was peaceful and filled with idols of Gods and Goddesses from the entrance to the main shrine. Due to its small but densely packed trees, it was the center of many myth stories of encounters with Goddesses and God-like creatures. After the event ended, two important heritages in the village of Sunakothi connected with the vast story ecosystem of Saarang’s 170+ heritages.

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