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What We Do

Story Discovery

Our collaboration process begins with engaging with municipalities, guthis that are passionate about preserving and promoting their cultural heritage. We establish meaningful connections and actively listen to their aspirations, exploring the rich tapestry of stories, legends, and historical accounts associated with their heritage sites.

Co-creating QR Board Experiences

Together with the municipality, we embark on a co-creation journey to design and develop QR boards that serve as portals to their stories. These visually appealing and informative boards are strategically placed at heritage sites, captivating visitors’ attention and inviting them to delve deeper into the narratives that shape the local culture.

Crafting Engaging Digital Content

By incorporating QR codes on the boards, we establish a seamless connection between the physical heritage site and our digital platform. Visitors can effortlessly scan the codes using their smartphones, instantly unlocking a gateway to the enchanting tales that reside on our website.

We’ve had amazing responses from our visitors ever since Saarang installed their board with QR for us

Bishnu Gyawali
Guthi Head, Thimi