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Kapilavastu district is an open museum as it alone houses more than 130 important archaeological sites. Significant Buddhist monuments and sites include Tilaurakot, Kudan, Gotihawa, Niglihawa, agarhawa, Araurakot, Sisaniya etc.

The Ancient Kapilavastu or the present day Kapilavastu district of Nepal is identified with the kingdom as well as the capital city of Sakya dynasty where Siddhartha spent his 29 years of palatial life as a Prince. After witnessing Chatur Nimitta Darshan (four causative sights), Siddhartha renounced the worldly life and left the palace through the Eastern Gate (also called as Mahabhiniskramana Dwara) in a quest for enlightenment.

Important archaeological and religious monuments uncovered so far from Tilaurakot include: (i) Fortification Wall, (ii) Western Gate, (iii) The Central Structural Complex, (iv) The Central Walled Complex, (v) The Central Pond, (vi) The Samai Mai Temple, (vii) The Eastern Gate (Mahabhiniskramana Dwara), (viii) The Northern Twin Stupa (Dhamnihawa Stupa), (ix) Eastern Stupa and Monastery (Hastigarta), and (x) The Southern Industrial Mound (Lohasaudiya).

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