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Laxman Mandir

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Welcome to Laxman Mandir, Janakpurdham

Laxman Mandir is one of the oldest temples of Janakpurdham. It is located on the north east side corner of the Janaki Temple complex. There are metal idols of Sita, Ram, Laxman and Lava Kush. It is believed that Hanuman suggested Mahatma Mataram to return back to Janakpurdham and establish Laxman temple which will bring harmony. After receiving this order from Hanuman, Mataram came to Janakpurdham and by grace of Hanuman, Mataram found the idol of Laxman and started to worship. Mataram was First Mahanta of Laxman Temple.

This temple is built in Shikhar style. Festivals like Vivian Panchami, Ram nawami, Jhula, Anukut, Kojagrat Purnima are celebrated in this temple.

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