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Jalapa Devi Temple


Welcome to Jalapa Devi Temple, Nuwakot

Located near the confluence of the Tadi and Trishuli Rivers, Jalapa devi is considered as powerful goddess. The temple is constructed in Pagoda-style and the base of the temple is lower than the ground level. Due to this reason, during the rainy season, the increase of water level results in the temple completely filled with the water. Due to its location near these big rivers, many people believe that the temple has a very powerful aura that brings good luck and prosperity.

The temple’s name ‘Jalapa’ itself is believed to be derived after a myth that, anyone who fishes with a net near the temple could get lot of fishes in the net in a single throw. Thus, there are lots of followers who believe in the mysterious power and aura of Jalapa Devi.

Also, in terms of historical events, Prithivi Narayan Shah was also brought here at the confluence of the Tadi and Trishuli Rivers, Devighat near the end of his life. There is also a single piece of rock located in Devighat in which King was placed during his final moments. In Buddhist literature, this place is known as ‘Padmashambhava Tsawarong’. It is believed that, Guru Padmashambhava placed the twenty-one genyen spirits of the gods under oath at this place. Furthermore, it is also said that, one can easily go into meditative states near this place.

Various Jatras and Pujas are celebrated at the temple. During the Maghe Sankrati, Ekadashi and Baishake Jatra, there is a huge crowd of followers of Devi from different parts of Nepal. Many Dhamis and Dhaminis (Shamans) also worship Jalapa devi during special occasions. They worship the goddess by consuming different animals and other food items as part of their custom.

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Padmashambhava Tsawarong, Jalapa Devi Temple, Devighat, Nepal – Sannidhi The Presence

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