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East Monastic Zone

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The East Monastic Zone represents the Theravada (Hinayana) school of Buddhism where 13 plots are allotted for construction of Viharas. There are five Theravada Buddhist monasteries and one Vipassana meditation centre in operation in the East Monastic Zone while, three monasteries are under construction.

In these 13 plots of East Monastic Zone you will find:

1) The Royal Thai Monastery, Thailand;

2) Canadian Engaged Buddhism Association (Bodhi Institute Monastery and Dharma Center) (under construction);

3) Mahabodhi Society Temple of India;

4) Nepal Theravada Buddha Vihar (under construction);

5) Cambodian Temple, Cambodia (under construction);

6) Myanmar Golden Temple, Myanmar;

7) International Gautami Nuns Temple, Nepal;

8) Sri Lankan Monastery, Sri Lanka

9) Dhamma Janani Vipassana Center, Nepal.

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