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Budhanilkantha Municipality

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Welcome to Budhanilkantha Municipality !

We would like to introduce you to our Budhanilkantha Municipality where we believe in “Service with a Smile”. Budhanilkantha municipality got its current administrative system and structure on December 2 of 2014 after merging former VDCs Hattigauda, Khadka Bhadrakali, Chapali Bhadrakali, Mahankal, Bishnu, Chunikhel, and Kapan. Situated 3,732 m above sea level, it is spread over 35 sq km. Our municipality is considered a VVIP area for settlement backed up by a literacy rate of nearly 100%. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, it had a population of 15,421 with 26,485 households. Now, it can be estimated roughly over 1,53,303 with 32,039 households. 

 Budhanilkantha municipality is a developing suburban location that lies at the foot of Shivapuri hill. It lies in the Kathmandu District of Bagmati province in Nepal. It shares its western border with the Tokha Municipality, eastern with the Gokarneshwor Municipality and Kathmandu Metropolitan ward no.6, northern with the Shivapuri peak and the southern border contains flat terrain with the densely populated area.

The beautiful, natural and cultural diversity of Budhanilkantha is transforming it into an excellent tourist spot. We also proudly identify ourselves as a place with a clean, peaceful, prosperous tourist area.

Budhanilkantha has many temples like Chandeshwor Mandir, Rudreshwor Mandir. Bharakali, Panchakanya, Shiva Mandir, Krishna Mandir, Banglamukhi, Dangyur Ghyangatera Gumba, Anigumba, and other stupas.

Apart from that, there are also many other temples and religious places that cater to different followers and cultures. As we have a rich religious and cultural history, we attract pilgrims of devotees of Lord Shiva, Baisnav, and Gautam Buddha. 

 If you like rivers and other water sources then you can visit Bishnumati, Rudramati, Dhobikhola, Yagyamati, Chyane Khola, etc. If you are into hiking, take a walk above Bishnuwar or pick a longer trail like Shivapuri Hill. Evening trail to Kopan Ghumba could be another top pick. Such varied landscapes, and excellent spread of forest areas and natural resources make it an excellent choice for trekkers and tourists.

We offer many services like Nagarik Wadapatra, Ghatana Darta, Darkhasta, Samajik Surakshya and Niwedan Dhancha and more in the Municipaity Office. Also, each of the head branch offices has its own set of functions and systems. Let’s take a look at some of their functions and services. 

Ground Floor

Room 105– Population and Social Inclusion Head Branch

  • records the data of the elderly population, females, children, etc. along with concerning the targeted category.

Room 111– Planning, Follow up and Evaluation Head Branch

  • deals with the organization, follow-up, and evaluation of ongoing and future plans as well as operations inside the municipality.

Room 116 to 128– Urban development and Infrastructure Head branch offices

  • deals with the construction and development-related activities as well as infrastructures within the municipality. 

First Floor

Room 207– Administrative head branch

  • deals with the information regarding details of staff and setting the scope of other administrative works within the municipality.

Room 214– Financial Administration Head Branch

  • keeps account of every financial activity and provides payment services within the Municipality.

Room 208– Information technology and Statistics head branch

  • deals with all information and its communication through the website and other platforms through technological input and insights within the municipality. 

Room 203/ 204– Judicial branch

  • provides reconciliation and plays a role in maintaining good relationships within the people of the municipality.

Second Floor

Room 308– Public Health Main Branch

  • operates on all health-related works and activities within the Budhanilkantha Municipality

Room 304– Tourism and Industrial development branch.

  • deals with the development and improvement of the tourism sector and the places within the municipality with historical or cultural significance.

Room 309 and 311–  Education, Youth, and Sports Head Branch offices

  • deals with every education-related activity and operation focusing on Youths and relevant groups within the municipality.

Room 312– Agriculture and Animal Husbandry branch

  • deals with the development of agricultural prospects and the production of livestock inside the municipality for agricultural purposes.

Room 313– Environment and Disaster Branch

  • deals with the environment and disaster-related areas and their management within the municipality area

Room 305– Youth Council

  • deals with the empowerment and development of Youths within the municipality. 

For more information you can refer to the Citizen’s charter at the following link: 

Citizen Charter | Budhanilkantha Municipality Office

As our motto suggests “Service with a smile”, we are always happy to serve you. Have a wonderful time exploring Budhanilkantha Municipality. For more information, take a look at our official website:

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