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Bhootnath Temple

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Welcome to Bhootnath Temple, Janakpurdham

Bhootnath Temple is located in the southern part of the Gangasagar. It is also called Swargdwari of Janakpurdham. Shiva Parvati statue, shankha ghanta, Kaal Bhairav mandir is visible in this temple. This temple is 345 ft in length and 125 ft wide.
This place looks like a very beautiful garden with diversity of flowers and trees. This place is also crematorium (samsanghat). There is arrangement of wood and other related items for use in the premises. There is also a place for people attending funeral. On one side, a view of Lord Shiva Parvati’ and Bhoothnath Nath temple and on the other end corpse burnt connects philosophically.

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