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Begnas Lake

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Welcome to Begnas Lake, Pokhara

Begnas Lake lies on the eastern side of the Pokhara Valley and is about 15 km east of Lakeside Pokhara. It is the third largest lake in Nepal. The L-Shaped Lake has an area of 3.28 square km. It is a natural freshwater lake that has an average depth of 6.6 m and a max depth of 10 m. It has a total water volume of 0.20905 km3 with a surface elevation of 650 m. Begnas Lake’s main source of water comes from Syankhudi & Talbesi and it flows out through Khudi Khola. Khudi Khola ultimately gets mixed into the Seti River.

              Begnas lake also has a historical value associated with it. There is a stone inscription that has been shaped like a boat near the shore. It is believed that an old woman used to worship the inscription on a daily basis. Now, the place has been named ‘Tal Barahi’ and there is an ongoing construction of the temple. This Lake is surrounded by hillocks and greeneries in three sides and the southern side allows open access to the lake. The Lake has many guesthouses on the western shore that offers clear views of the lake and the Himalayas.

                  Begnas Lake also acts as the main source of livelihood for 23-30 houses of fisherman groups living nearby. These fishermen set up the fishing nets at 3 pm in the evening and then they get their fishing nets back tomorrow morning at 4-5 am. Also, there are 256 boats registered to row in the this Lake. Begnas lake offers a boating experience, fishing experience, and excellent fresh fish for the locals and tourists visiting the place. Similarly, Begnas lake’s water is used for irrigation and some parts of the lake are used as caged fisheries. The irrigation is used to nourish the paddy fields and the agricultural lands in the area.

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