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Located near the main city gate, Siddha pokhari was built in the 15th century by Yakshya Malla. Built around 400-500 years ago, Siddha Pokhari is an ancient pond which happens to be one of the oldest man-made ponds in Bhaktapur. 


Although one could hardly guess the depthness of the pond, it happens to be amongst one of the deepest human made ponds in Bhaktapur city. Siddhapokhari is 171 m long and 70 m wide with a depth of 3 m. 


It is said that the name ‘siddha pokhari’ originated from the belief that one receives enlightenment by being around this pond. Mythology suggests that one of the Malla kings attained enlightenment by entering into the Bhaktapur city and so this pond was named Siddha Pokhari since it is located at the entrance into the city.


This place is perfect to spend an afternoon or an evening because it feels calm and serene to be around it. As you can see, this pond is more popular among the youths although adults seem to equally enjoy the place. Lot of college students visit here as a casual hang-out place. 


There are coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants right around the corner where you can enjoy good meals and chit-chat.

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