Kupeshwor Nath Mahadev Temple

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This Mahadev Temple is one of the oldest Shiva temple in Mithila. The antiquity of this place is connected with the establishment of the Kingdom of Mithila. Built in the year 1996 after the ancient temple was damaged in the 1990 earthquake, this temple is a unique example of a Tirhut style. The temple has an ancient Shiva linga built of black stone. Shiva Ratri and Shrawan month bring a huge crowd all month long.

Mahant Sheetal Giri was given the Kuwa Mauja Birta by the Makwanpur Naresh Jagat Sen in BS. 1995, but the propagation of this temple is needed for the development of tourism. This temple is located in Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan ward no. 12.

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