Jaleshwornath Shiva Temple

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This temple lies in the Jaleshwor Municipality of Mahottari, 5 km north west from Nepal-India border Bithamore, Jaleshwor Nath Mahadev temple, an unique Mahadev Temple where Shivling is below water. A small religious pond is on west of this temple, it is believed that this pond is linked with underwater Shivling of this temple. Everyday high number of pilgrims visit this temple and during Maha Shivaratri this temple is filled with pilgrims. The temple is about 18 km from Janakpurdham. Shivling in this temple is 20 meter below the surface, underwater. It is one of the ancient Shiv Mandir among the 4 around Janakpurdham. This temple was built by shah dynasty king Girwan Yuddha Bikram Shah in Bikram Sambat 1867.

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