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Walk through the Twists & Turns alleys of Patan

Cherished experience renowned for its captivating exploration

This guided journey starts from Patan Dhoka highlighting its rich history, showcasing important monuments, oldest stupas, temples,narrow alleys, traditional water spouts, local streets,and many more  connecting the city’s spiritual essence and religious significance.


2 hours
We are happy to give a 100% refund if canceled 48 hours before the tour. Within 48 hours, we would be happy to reschedule you on another tour that fits your schedule.


    • Discover the exciting history of the old town Patan.

    • Try out the best street/traditional food.

    • Navigate iconic streets with certified local guides

    • You can explore yourself furthermore even after the completion of the tour.(Our guide will be in touch with you in case if you get lost your way).

Whats Included:

    • We recommend you to come in a comfortable outfit and shoes.

    • Bring water to stay hydrated (One bottle we provide may not be enough for you)

    • It’s not just a walking tour, there will have opportunities to sit down(take a rest)

    • You can carry a small amount of money to try out some traditional food.

Additional Information:

    • Licensed Guide

    • Professional Photographer

    • Water Bottle

    • Entry ticket to Golden Temple

Cancellation Policy:

48 Hours cancellation notice is mandatory.


Discover exactly where it is on the map


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Book the experience