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Patan – Dive into epitome of Craftmanship and Culture


7 days
If notified 1 week before the inception


Day 1: Historical Patan Durbar Square

– Morning: Explore Patan Durbar Square, admire the ancient architecture and temples.

– Afternoon: Visit the Patan Museum to delve into the city’s cultural heritage.

– Evening: Relax in a nearby café, enjoying the view


Day 2: Artistic Exploration

– Morning: Wander through the narrow streets of Patan, exploring local art galleries.

– Afternoon: Take a pottery or thangka painting workshop to engage with local artistry.


Day 3: Mahabouddha Temple and Hiranya Varna Mahavihar

– Morning: Visit Mahabouddha Temple, known for its terracotta architecture.

– Afternoon: Explore Hiranya Varna Mahavihar, also known as the Golden Temple.


Day 4: Local Markets and Street Food

– Spend the day exploring local markets like Mangal Bazaar.

– Try local street food and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere.


Day 5: Kumbeshwar Temple and Kumari Bahal

– Morning: Visit Kumbeshwar Temple, a five-story pagoda-style temple.

– Afternoon: Explore Kumari Bahal, known for its windows.


Day 6: Bungamati and Khokana Villages

– Take a half-day trip to the nearby traditional villages of Bungamati and Khokana.

– Experience the local lifestyle and craftsmanship.


Day 7: Relaxation at The Garden of Dreams

– Spend your last day relaxing at The Garden of Dreams, a neoclassical garden.

– Evening: Enjoy a farewell dinner at a local restaurant.



Whats Included:

Whats Included:

1. Accommodation: Hotel or lodging arrangements for the duration of the tour, with options ranging from budget to luxury.

2. Transportation: Depending on the package, this may include flights, airport transfers, ground transportation, and/or local transportation during sightseeing.

3. Meals: Some packages may include meals, ranging from breakfast-only to all-inclusive plans. Others may offer recommendations or vouchers for local restaurants.

4. Sightseeing: Guided tours or excursions to key attractions, landmarks, and points of interest. This may also include entrance fees to museums, parks, or historical sites.

5. Activities: Depending on the destination and theme of the tour, there may be included activities such as adventure sports, cultural performances, or wildlife safaris.

6. Guides: Professional guides who provide information about the destination, historical context, and assist with navigating local customs and traditions.

7. Travel Insurance: Some tour packages may include travel insurance coverage for the duration of the trip.

8. Itinerary: A detailed schedule outlining the day-to-day activities, timings, and locations to be visited.

9. Free Time: Most packages allow for some free time, allowing travelers to explore independently or engage in activities of personal interest.

10. Support: Assistance and support from the tour operator or travel agency before and during the trip, including emergency contact information.

11. Cultural Experiences: Opportunities to engage with the local culture, which may include workshops, demonstrations, or interactions with local communities.

12. Group or Individual Travel: Depending on the package, travelers may join a group tour with a fixed itinerary or opt for a more customized, private tour.

Additional Information:

Visiting Patan holds immense importance for travelers seeking an authentic and enriching cultural experience. This ancient city, with its historical Durbar Square, intricately carved temples, and vibrant markets, offers a unique window into Nepal’s rich heritage. The preservation of its Newari architecture and traditions makes Patan a living museum, allowing visitors to witness the continuity of cultural practices that have withstood centuries. Exploring the narrow lanes, participating in traditional workshops, and engaging with the local community provide an intimate connection with the city’s essence, fostering a deeper appreciation for Nepal’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Patan’s significance also lies in its role as a more serene alternative to the bustling capital, Kathmandu. The city’s less crowded ambiance allows for a more contemplative exploration of its historical sites and a genuine interaction with its friendly residents. Travelers can savor the authenticity of daily life in Patan, from observing artisans at work to enjoying local flavors in its quaint cafes. As a destination that seamlessly blends antiquity with contemporary vibrancy, visiting Patan becomes a pivotal experience for those seeking a cultural immersion that transcends time, leaving an indelible mark on the traveler’s understanding of Nepal’s cultural and historical richness.

Cancellation Policy:

48 Hours cancellation notice is mandatory.


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