Dasrath Mandir

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The Dasharath Maharaja’s marble statue and metal statue of Ram and Sita are worshiped in this Dasharath temple. It is believed that, the statue of Maharaj Dasharath was brought from Jayapur (India), statue of Ram and Sita from Ayodhya. The temple was founded by Banawari Das around BS. 1958. Banawari Das baba was a scholar of the then monk/saint society. This temple is located in the north west of Maharaj Sagar (Dasarath Lake) at Janakpurdham Sub-metropolitan city Ward no – 3. The Vivaha Panchami and Jestha Shukla Dashami celebration is the special attraction. On the day of the Jestha Shukla Dashami, Ram Dola is taken to Maharaj Dasharath temple for Tika/blessing and after spending some time in Ranga Bhumi back to Ram Mandir.

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